Meet The Brandee Kelley Group’s Leader!

When Brandee Kelley began her real estate career in 2005, she had one goal:  To build a successful business that delivered the very BEST experience to her clients.
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In 2015, as she celebrates her 10th Anniversary in Real Estate, she has accomplished this goal and earned the respect and confidence of thousands of clients!

Brandee assembled a top-notch team of real estate professionals who share her commitment to consistently deliver exceptional service to every client, on every real estate transaction.  The Brandee Kelley Group handles every detail from start to close, with the highest degree of professionalism.

Brandee continues to expand her knowledge and professionalism, and she and her team have earned many coveted awards for their performance.

The Brandee Kelley Group was named in the listing of America’s Best Real Estate Agents by REAL Trends/Trulia in their survey of the country’s outstanding REALTORS®.

She is consistently ranked in the top 10 REALTORS® working in the Arlington area, from a production perspective.

Texas Monthly Magazine has awarded the Brandee Kelley Group its Five Star Real Estate Agent Award for the third straight year.  This distinguished award is presented to a select few who have consistently provided outstanding service to their clients, earned by receiving high client satisfaction ratings, experience in the industry, and production levels.

In addition, Brandee has served on the board of directors for several organizations, including the Arlington Board of Realtors Foundation Advisory Board, the Keller Williams Agent Leadership Council and various community boards.

She has completed specialized training through the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing and the KW Luxury Home Division.  This is an exclusive group of real estate consultants who raise the bar for service in the upper-tier home market, requiring special skills and knowledge.

In her own words, Brandee states, “I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about buying and selling real estate in the Arlington and Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Our team members know the communities and neighborhoods within our network, the schools and amenities.  We are proud of the Brandee Kelley Group’s track record and awards, which we have achieved by consistently keeping our client’s needs as our top priority.  We are thankful for our many clients and friends, who have contributed to our business and success!”

Brandee’s vision and principles guides all the team members of the Brandee Kelley Group.  She inspires us, encourages us, and has the remarkable ability to bring out the strengths in each of us!

Meet Team Member Beth Loriot!

Continuing with our series of the Brandee Kelley Group’s team members, we are featuring our Internet Marketing Specialist, Beth Loriot.  If you read our Facebook posts or our Blog, you’ve heard Beth’s “voice”!
Her responsibilities are primarily two-fold:

  1. To effectively market our listings on the web, and
  2. Provide our clients and friends with local and national real estate news and trends.

She accomplishes this by keeping our Keller Williams websites current and dynamic.  The following are links to our agent’s websites, and they provide details on the Brandee Kelley Group’s listings, the professional services we offer to our clients, recommendations from previous clients, our track record, and helpful links to local information.  You can also search for real estate for sale by filtering only the information important to you, and you’ll find an easy link to learn the value of your current home.
Brandee Kelley:
Georgann Puddy:
Laura Van Meter:

To further inform and enhance our web presence, Beth posts a variety of topics on the Brandee Kelley Group’s Facebook page and this Blog.  We hope you visit and follow these sites, where we promote our listings and post topics that are interesting to all homeowners.
Visit the Brandee Kelley Group’s Facebook page here:

Managing Brandee’s LinkedIn profile is important in order to enhance her professional real estate network.  Beth also manages the Brandee Kelley Group’s web presence on Trulia, Zillow, and  These are important portals to potential buyers and sellers, and we want to be certain that our presence on these websites makes a positive impact on consumers.

She also enters multiple posts of select listings on Craig’s List to attract local buyers.  Keeping up with the constant changes and sometimes infuriating rules that Craig’s List imposes on real estate posters is a challenge.  When we see this reaction from Beth, we know she’s working in CL!!!
In her own words, Beth states why she loves her job!  “It is a happy privilege to work with every team member of the Brandee Kelley Group.  In business and in their personal lives, the one word that leaps to the top of my mind is “Integrity”.  These ladies have it in abundance, in every aspect of their lives.  They are professional and they care about providing the best client experience.  They have the qualities we all want in our friendships and hope for with our co-workers—warm, caring and supportive.  They are truly a pleasure to work with!”

Our newest marketing endeavor soon to launch is a Brandee Kelley Group Twitter account.  We think it will be fun and look forward to sharing lots of tips and news on houses (our passion!).  Stay tuned!
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Don’t Settle for Average Mortgage Rates

If you’re shopping for a home, you’ve probably noticed how dynamic mortgage rates are—changing daily, often following moves in the financial markets. A change of just one decimal point might not seem like a big deal, but it could end up costing you—or saving you–hundreds of dollars per year. low mortgage rates

Mortgage rates are complex and vary by lender, location, and product, and the actual rate you get also depends on your financial profile and the specific property and terms of purchase.

Now that spring home search and buying activity are heating up, mortgage rates are rising.  But it’s not going to be a straight upward journey—rates are likely to move around quite a bit this year.

Changes in rates are often described in basis points—100 basis points equal 1 percentage point. So last week, the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage was 3.75%. This week, it’s 3.86%. That’s an increase of 0.11 percentage points, or 11 basis points.

Why does that matter? A 10-basis-point increase on a mortgage rate adds 1.2% to the monthly payment. The change in the past week would amount to an almost $300 difference in the course of a year for a traditional mortgage on a median-priced home.

Don’t assume you are getting the best rate, even if a rate you were quoted matches what was reported in the news—those are averages across the U.S. We often see differences of 20 basis points or more across various lenders, and some areas of the country have rates much lower than the U.S. average.
2 percent question
Rates can vary by state because of the perceived risks and returns that lenders expect from the mortgages in those markets. The rate differences across states also reflect the relative difficulty lenders face when borrowers default.

For expert help and guidance on understanding mortgages, payments, interest rates, taxes, and more, contact the Brandee Kelley Group’s preferred lender, Don Kelly at Affiliated Bank.
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We love working with Don because he and his team are experts at providing our clients with the very best mortgage services. When you work with Don, he will help you find the perfect mortgage so you’ll end up with the lowest possible monthly payment, saving you hundreds of dollars per year.

Adapted from, Jonathan Smoke, Mar 16 2015

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Meet Team Member Debi Campbell!

In today’s Blog, we would like to re-introduce you to our Listing Coordinator, Debi Campbell.
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Establishing the correct listing price of a home is part science—and part art.  Brandee Kelley has mastered both and has the remarkable ability to price a home JUST RIGHT!  Debi assists Brandee in preparing a listing presentation by gathering data required to find that perfect price, primarily by extensive research of comparable sales data and property tax records.

When the Brandee Kelley Group lists a home, Debi prepares the legal documentation required for a listing and keeps our sellers updated with reports on the number of showings and any feedback that is provided to us.

One of Debi’s primary responsibilities is to input accurate listing information and complimentary photos into the MLS system.  She then enhances those listings as they sync with Trulia and Zillow to make certain our listed homes are showcased well.  She manages price and other changes to the listing, and changes the status from Active to Pending when the property is under contract. 

Other responsibilities that fall into Debi’s capable hands include managing the Brandee Kelley Group’s huge database of clients. She creates gorgeous flyers and brochures and handles the direct mailing of these materials to our clients. She also keeps our clients informed of current market information via bulk email campaigns. Recently, Debi created an effective and beautiful digital listing presentation, which our sellers and agents love.

In her own words, Debi states, “My goal is to present your house in the best possible light, ensuring that your home is accurately represented by the facts, photos and in advertising.”

Debi began working as a Listing Coordinator in 1997 and her experience and knowledge insures the best possible exposure of your home during the listing phase. Debi is indeed a valuable asset to our Group AND to our clients by contributing her expertise in order to provide our clients with the very best real estate experience.

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Meet Team Member Mary Sprague!

In our ongoing series of re-introducing you to the members of the Brandee Kelley Group, we are featuring our Pending Coordinator, Mary Sprague.

Mary - lg

If you are or have been a client of the Brandee Kelley Group, you have interacted with Mary Sprague.

As the Pending Coordinator, Mary works with our buyers and sellers as the transaction moves from contract to closing. She coordinates with lenders, inspectors, insurance and title companies, other agents and all parties involved in the closing. Timing is critical and deadlines are important. Accurate and complete documentation is also necessary, and Mary handles all these details with skill, expertise and professionalism.

She puts out fires daily, and implements creative solutions to problems that seem unfixable. We don’t know how she does it, but we’re glad she’s on our team, and so are our clients!

In Mary’s own words, “My focus lies with guiding our clients through the process of selling or buying a home, many times both at the same time, and ridding them of as much unnecessary stress as possible.”

A licensed Realtor since 1984, Mary’s experience and knowledge provides our clients with a valuable resource. She is an effective communicator and our clients appreciate having ONE go-to person that knows every detail of their closing.

Mary Sprague is indeed a valuable member of the Brandee Kelley Group–a team of skilled and knowledgeable real estate professionals dedicated to bringing our clients the very best real estate experience.

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Secrets to Great Lighting!

Secrets to a well-lit room
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Have you ever walked into a room and marveled at how the light was diffused? Probably not—and for good reason. When lighting is perfect, you hardly notice it. A well-lighted room is flattering to human faces and imparts a sense of relaxation and comfort. Carefully selected bulbs and fixtures, as well as the placement of lighting fixtures, creates an inviting environment.

Here are a few tips to help you strike the right balance.

Localize your light source
A common misconception is that you need to light the whole room. Try instead to incorporate multiple points of light in a room, properly diffused with lampshades.

Always add a dimmer
For multipurpose rooms, dimmers are essential. Dimmers allow for flexibility depending on the time of day, event, or mood, and they’re a great energy saver. Most decorators believe that every overhead light fixture should be wired with a dimmer.


Know your bulbs
Fluorescent tubes should be avoided in living areas because they are harsh, unflattering and lead to fatigued eyes. Compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are a great option, and dimmable white A-19 LED light bulbs are a great replacement for incandescent bulbs because they have a warm glow.

3 fluorescent

Consider the function of the room
What will the space you’re lighting be used for: Cooking? Watching television? Doing homework? In the dining room, an overhead chandelier with a dimmer works best. If you’re using track lighting, be sure not to shine the light directly into the faces of guests around your table.

Kitchen lighting is more complex. Pinpoint your work areas and light them directly. Ideally, task lighting under the range hood or cabinets should be below your eye level.
kitcen 1

In living rooms, use a combination of floor lamps, table lamps, and down-lights (recessed or track lighting). Make the lighting part of the décor.
living 1

Bathroom lighting is a bit tricky and depends on personal preference. You may go for bright lighting near the vanity, or use dimmable sconces for a softer and more diffused light.

Bedrooms should feature good reading lights at the bed and desk, and a task light for getting dressed. You’ll probably want to avoid overhead lighting in bedrooms, but if you use them, make certain they are on dimmer switches.

And don’t forget the outdoors!
Functional and attractive outdoor lighting turns that patio, deck or pool area into a true living space. Turn on those lights, and you and your family will enjoy spending evenings outdoors, and an attractively lighted and decorated patio/deck area is a favorite for entertaining in the warm weather months. Splurge a little—and have fun!

The team members of the Brandee Kelley Group love houses, and rooms WITHIN houses! A beautifully decorated room with appropriate and carefully selected lighting fixtures is both appealing and inviting!
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Meet Team Member Laura Van Meter

Continuing with our series to highlight the team members of the Brandee Kelley Group, today we are re-introducing Laura Van Meter, a Buyer’s Specialist.

Laura largest I've gotLaura hosts many of our Open Houses because she enjoys personal interaction with the public. If you’ve met Laura, you know that she is soft-spoken, easy to talk to, and VERY knowledgeable about the Arlington and DFW real estate market. If you want to purchase a new home, Laura makes the entire process an enjoyable one and helps you navigate the overwhelming options that make your home search so time-consuming and stressful.  Laura will carefully identifying your wishes and housing needs and zero in on presenting you only with the available homes that are perfect for you.

In Laura’s own words, Having grown up in the DFW area, I have a great deal of knowledge about the local market that can help you best meet your real estate goals. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, I can provide you with guidance and information that will help take the stress out of the transaction.

Previously a teacher in the area, I enjoy educating clients about the process of buying or selling, step by step. This is probably the biggest transaction you will ever make! It’s critical to choose a Realtor who communicates well, answers your questions and looks out for your best interests! I can get the job done!”

Totally invested in the Arlington area and committed to excellence in representing her real estate clients, Laura also has strong family values. She recently welcomed her first grandchild and proudly presented this photo of precious Claire Elizabeth! 

Claire Elizabeth van meter 8lb 4ozIf you’re considering buying a new home, contact Laura today at 682-551-0336 or email

The Brandee Kelley Group’s team approach means you receive expert representation throughout every step of the real estate transaction. Our team provides our clients with the BEST customer service in the real estate industry.

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