Give your home a mini facelift this spring

A few tweaks here and there can really freshen up your home, just in time for spring!
1. Clean your gutters. Check for clogging in the “elbow” of the drain. Remove twigs, leaves and other debris from downspouts and gutters.
2. Fix the walkway. Spruce up the path to your home. Power wash, patch up cracks, replace loose stones, bricks, etc.
3. Prune, plant, mulch. Tidy up your yard. Get rid of dead plants. Add shrubs, hedges, bushes, hanging pots, and window boxes to give pops of color, dimension and/or hide sore spots (AC units, etc.) Complete the look with a new layer of mulch to freshen up and unify the whole yard.
4. Replace outdoor bulbs. Wipe those cobwebs off of your light fixtures and replace with CFL bulbs.
5. TLC for your front door. Consider painting your front door a bright color. Polish any hinges, handles or knobs. Put out a new door mat.

Happy Spring!

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